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Lyndsey & Matt, Manhattan, NY

Lyndsey & Matt

Manhattan, NY
LaSonya & Michael, Annapolis, MD

LaSonya & Michael

Annapolis, MD
Aditi & Bhavik, Los Angeles, CA

Aditi & Bhavik

Los Angeles, CA
Steven & Brent, Los Angeles, CA

Steven & Brent

Los Angeles, CA

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I am impressed with Tawkify’s services, as this is new territory for me after being married happily for 28 years and losing the love of my life to cancer. Yes, I could have gone online and it would have been been less of a cost, But to me this service was worth the money. I paid for 3 dates. Each time my matchmaker came closer to what I was looking for. Today was the third date, and as they say, “3rd time’s the charm.” I’m also impressed with the venues they select, and how they go about date planning. Very professionally run service. What I love the most about my matchmaker is the way she makes me feel--as if I’m her only client! She is a gem to work with. I would highly recommend Tawkify!
Life changing and phenomenal investment. Before Tawkify, I honestly was completely lost and felt hopeless in my dating life. I wasn’t sure what I wanted or if I would ever find my person. Thanks to my phenomenal matchmaker Jaimie J, I don’t feel this way at all…she has done so much to really have my back.
I’m happy to report that Mark and I are still going strong. We just got back from a 2-week Cali vacation and... wait for it... he’s officially moved in. It’s crazy how fast things are progressing, but we’re both happy and going with the flow. It’ll be 4 months tomorrow since our Tawkify date, though it feels way longer than that—in a good way!
My matchmaker did a very thorough job finding a date for me who matched my personality. She took into account my interests and what I was looking for in a partner, and was able to match me with someone who I had instant chemistry with. The whole idea of a blind date was quite terrifying at first, but my matchmaker made sure to pick a comfortable setting for both of us to meet, and planned a very fun and exciting evening.
My matchmaker (Virginia) really listens and is working hard to find me amazing matches. I’ve been matched twice so far and both dates are in my top 5 dates of all time. This process has taught me that I’m undervaluing myself and has given me the opportunity to work on my self worth.
My matchmaker, Demetra J, set me up with three great matches all of which had good chemistry and took place in excellent venues. From the start, Demetra has been perceptive both in listening to the preferences I’ve given, but also in judging compatibility…I’ve found this experience to be both fun and rewarding.

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